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Under age cum


Related article: DONNY "Jeff, Donny's here again. Pay the boy now," Mrs.
Cummings said. Jeff Cummings was a lithe, well defined high
school junior. His mother was going away underage porno bbs for the weekend to
visit her sister.
The newspaper boy, Donny, came up the walkway with a
bundle of papers in his hand.
"Hi, Jeff!" The fourteen year-old said cheerily. Jeff
leaned out of the door and stared directly at the boy.
Donny wore tight 501 Levis and a teeshirt. Jeff watched as
the boy bent over to pick up a coin he'd dropped.
Jeff's heart fluttered nervously underage japaneese love as he saw the boy's
ass outlined in the blue denim. Jeff could also see the
outline of the boy's briefs through the worn material. He
recognized the pattern on the exposed waistband of Donny's
briefs as Fruit of the Loom.
Tolder teenager put his hands underneath his jeans,
through his pocket. He jacked himself gently for a few
seconds as he watched Donny. The kid had light brown hair
that was of medium length; thus he didn't seem as avant
agrde as most boys of his punk underage kids lola
generation. Donny was
slender, just over five feet four. His eyes caught Jeff.
Jeff was rubbing his aching crotch before the boy's very
eyes. He dug into his pocket and scooped up some change and
handed it to the boy. Jef was dark haired with all American
"Here's the change for this week. Oh . . . oh, Donny, my
mom isn't going to be here this weekend. Why don't you come
over and hang out?"
"Sure, Jeff, that'd be super."
"Great. See ya tommorow," Jeff said. His mother
approached him. "I've taken care of him, Mom."
They closed the door. "Jeff, what are you looking at?"
Mrs. Cummings asked. There was nobody to see but the
departing paperboy on his underage gays fucking
bike. under his breath, Jeff
said, "What a lucky bike seat!"
Jeff thought the next day would never roll around. He was
glad to see his mom off at the train station.
Donny knocked on the door at the appointed hour. Jeff
opened the door. He was wearing nothing but a pair of
tight, white cotton briefs he hoped were like Donny's.
"Would you like to go swimming?" Jeff ventured.
"Sure, Jeff, I'd really like that!"
Jeff led Donny out to the pool area. He watched carefully
as the kid stripped to his tight white cotton Fruit of the
Looms briefs. The y were all of two sizes too small for the
kid. The combed cotton stretched tight over Donny's perfect
ass. When Donny turned to face Jeff, he displlayed a
tightly packed crotch.
Jeff felt his own prick begin to rise in his briefs.
Quickly, he dived into the pool and surfaced just in time to
see Donny adjust his young cock and balls in his briefs and
dive in.
They horse played for 15 minutes and then climbed out of
the pool and laid on the lounge chairs beside each other.
Donny's breifs were almost transparent from being
soaked. Jeff could clearly see the outline of the kid's
balls and cock. In fact, the briefs were so tight he could
even make out sexunderagefebruary the head of the kid's rod. As his eyes meet
Donny's eyes, he saw that Donny was looking directly at
Jeff's ball pouch. Jeff's cock gave an involuntary jump.
"I wear just these around the house, Donny. I like the
way my prick and balls feel while wearing them. Feels
almost like a hand holding me.."
"I wear them like that too," Donny said.
"It looks like those you're wearing are a little tight
for you."
"These are my oldest pair. But they feel real good -
tight. I like 'em this way."
"But," Jeff said, "if you wear them too tight, they can
cause damage to your cock and balls and cut the circulation
a bit."
Donny stood up facing Jeff. He ran his fingers under
the legbands and said, "I don't think they're that tight!"
Jeff sat up, facing Donny, "Here, let's see."
Jeff ran the fingers of both hands under and around the
legbands. He let his finger slip slightly inside to caress
Donny's balls. He ran his opened palm over the bulge made
by the hardening boycock.
Donny's cock reacted to the caress and began to tent
out his wet girl underaged
"These fit you real nice, kid. But it looks like
they're not going to fit in a few minutes. You're getting cunts underage a
hard on." Jeff said.
"Gee, Jeff, I underage boy nude just can't help it."
Jeff said, "I know. I'm getting hard in my briefs too.
See? It feels mighty good to get hard inside of my
"Yeah, I know. I like to feel my hardon underage virgin top
through the
cotton the way underage kids lola you're doing now. Somtimes I just can't quit
till I've messed them."
"Maybe we'd better go inside and dry off."
Donny followed Jeff into the house and into the
bedroom. Jeff grabbed two towels and began drying Donny's
back. When Donny turned to face Jeff, he displayed a full
hardon in his briefs. His rock hard prick bulged underage japaneese love through
the wet cotton. Nick's cock was sticking up in his briefs,
The material of both briefs rubbed together, causing both
boys to feel a surge of excitement.
Jeff sat down on the bed and without a word pulled
Donny's crotch to his face. He nibbled at the outline of
the straining cock.
"Wow, Jeff, that's wonderful! Go for it!"
Jeff slowly skinned Donny's briefs down to reveal his
hard six inch cock. The kid oozed a single drop of rich
pre-cum juice from his piss slit, which Jeff lapped up with
his tongue.
Donny's eyes rolled back as Jeff nursed his tool,
collecting underage abuse
all those rampant oils of boyhood to manhood that
were so eager to spout.! Donny needed to shoot his load of
Up unti lthen, Donny thought that jerking off was his
biggest thrill. Now, with this sharp upperclassman's mouth
clamped securely on his hard, wanto flesh, he would never
again settle for getting simply frigged!
"Do it, Man, do it!" He cried to Jeff. "It's great,
Jeff, I love it!"
There was no question but that Donny was telling the
truth. His balls yearned for Jeff's mouth. Almost as if by
ESP, Jeff lay back on the underage couples xxx bed and pulled Donny onto his
chest and took the kid's pouch in his mouth.
Donny rocked back and forth ads Jeff swallowed his dick
once more.
"Do it, Jeff, make me cum . . . all the way!" the
randy youth moaned. He was in the ood for rockets to blast
in his brain; the hunting horn of sensual lust clouded his
thinking. There were wild dreams flowing through his head.
Jeff licked and whittled under Donny's briefs front,
hoping his tongue was pleasing to Donny.
Suddenly Donny bucked hard.
"Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!" underage naked girls
sighed Donny as his passion
reached an insane peak and he began to squirt his hot, rich
jizz in rivers of cum cream and there was one reservoir to
hold it until Jeff could suck it out with his hot mouth -
Donny's cum shorts.
Jeff felt Donny's power shoot out the semen that he had
longed for. This was pure naked raw lust that knew no moral
bounds. The boy's prick quivered as jets of his juice
erupted through his briefs and into Jeff's mouth.
Jeff took all the cream that he could get.
"Can we go swimming again now, Jeff?"
"Sure, Donny, let's go!"
As Donny climbed off Jeff's bed, he couldn't help
staring at Jeff's stretched and pre-cum soaked shorts.
"Hey, Jeff, I sure wouldn't mind seeing more of your
prick . . . all hard like that," Donny said.
"Okay. Let's go out to the pool and you can look at it
all you want. But here . . . I found these at a laudramat.
They look like they fit you. Jeff took out a pair of worn,
faded, but ointact boys cut Levis. "Pull them on and wear
them in the pool and see how they feel while you look at my
Donny slipped them on and both boys ran out to the pool
and dived in. They both emerged on the other side and Jeff
pulled himself out of the water and sat on the edge. Donny
was treading water directly in front of him.
Donny's eyes were directed to Jeff's bulging wet brief
pouch. Jeff looked down at his swollen cock aching for
release from the tight cotton encasement. Jeff was really
interested in Donny's cock and decided to give the kid a
show. He stood and walked to the diving board. At its end
he took a diving pose and jutted his hips forward, so Donny
could see the straining outline of his prick and incest underage mpeg
balls. He dived into the water and surfaced right in front
of Donny.
"OK, Kid . . . you wanna see my cock? I'm gonna show
it to you." Once again he climbed from the pool and mounted
the diving board. He dropped his hands to his crotch and
began squeezing his dick through the underage child models material. Donny's eyes
never left Jeff's crotch.
Looking Donny straight in the eye, Jeff blatantly stuck
his hand inside his wet briefs and underage kid pussy began playing with his
8 1/2 inch shaft. He pulled it up and brought it forward,
pushing the waistband down so Donny could see his hand
pumping up and down the hard meatus. He succeeded in
pumping out a visible drop of cum juice, which Donny saw
emerge from his older frind's piss slit. Then Jeff dived
inot the pool and emerged right in front of the kid.
Donny felt Jeff's big solid rod rub up underage voyeur and over his
jeans-clad balls, cock and belly as Jeff surfaced. He
pulled Donny beside him to the shallow end of the pool.
Once they were at crotch level with the water, Donny could
see Jeff's full hardon up close.
"How do the Levis feel?" Jeff asked. His mouth watered
as he gazed at the submerged blue jeans covering underage porn blogs
lower body, concealing nothing. In fact, they only enhanced
Donny's obviously aroused state, if the bulge between those
denim thighs were any indication.
"They feel great, Jeff," Donny replied. "Having them on
in the pool like this feels real sexy. And look at them
too!" Donny had noticed what Jeff was admiring. The
skintight jeans had molded themselves to every curve of
Donny's cock and balls. He wanted to run right home after
seeing Jeff's load and show his new sex gear to his brother
Jeff led Donny to the steps of the pool. He sat on the
top level with Donny facing him from a lower step. He
reached for Donny's hand and placed it on the huge bulge in
his wet briefs. The boy reached up with his other hand and
began feeling Jeff's big busty underaged girls balls under through his pouch.
"I hope my dick gets as big as yours," Donny told Jeff
in awe, "Are you gonna jack underage indian xxx
off all over me?" The young
teenager started squeezing the lump in his wet sex jeans as
he contemplated being soaked with this high school junior's
"If that's what you want, Donny," said Jeff. "But did
you know you could jack it off with your mouth? Just stick
your face in my shorts and run your mouth back and forth
along my cock."
"I've never done that before, Jeff. Promise you won't
tell anybody if I do it?"
Jeff laughed and assured Donny his cock-sucking secret
was safe with him.
Donny couldn't resist placing his mouth on Jeff's
underpants right over his older buddy's cock bulge. He felt
his own cock swelling against their Levi confines. Donny
knew enough to keep his underage gays fucking teeth out of the way, and he mouthed
Jeff like an experienced crotch eater. Faster and faster he
went, back and forth on Jeff's bulge.
Jeff moaned as his climax approached. He clung to the
side of the pool as he felt the squirting delight of hot
fuck teen jism squirt through his briefs into the lust-
crazed mouth of the young paperboy. Some of it trickled
from the corner of Donny's mouth.
For the first time in Donny's life, he felt and tasted
a boy shooting a load of fresh hot cum into his mouth. The
taste of the sperm and the feel of the prick swelling and
squirting combined to convince Donny that he would be a cock
sucker forever. Blast after blast of hot sticky jizz shot
to the back of his mouth and down his eager throat. He
tried to gulp all of it down, but he knew he was losing
With every swallow of Jeff's cum. Donny's own cock
jerked and twitched inside his submerged jeans and stretchy
white underpants. "I bet these Levis could jack me off just
walking in them," Donny thought, as he slurped the last of
Jeff's load out of his shorts.
Jeff pulled Donny up a step so the kid's soaking blue
bulge was opposite his face. He could see Donny's queer
cock tunneling underage angel tgp
up and to the side of his wet jeans. Jeff
yanked down the zipper fly. He loved to reach into another
boy's jeans and masturbate him through underage japaneese love his cotton jockey-
shorts. He could feel an ever-increasing warm flow coming
from Donny's cockhead. He knew he had to work fast to keep
Donny from popping right then and incest xxx underage there. He knew the effect
the taste of cum had on him, and it looked like it had the
same effect on Donny.
He reached up through Donny's jeans fly and pulled the
elastic waistband down to free Donny's engorged meat. Like
a spring, Donny's cock snapped down and stuck straight out
through his fly, pointing directly at Jeff's mouth.
"Ooooo, Jeff, squeeze my balls through those jeans!"
Donny gasped. "That's it. Ooooo, it's gonna shoot, Jeff!"
A super-excited Jeff opened his mouth and gently
kneaded under the curve of his teenage sexmate's Levis.
Pressure on the curve, through his briefpouch and around his
balls caused Donny's hair-trigger genital glands to erupt.
Jeff saw Donny's prick give an upward jerk, then shoot
an arc of boycream smack into Jeff's face, then lower so
Jeff didn't have to move to catch the spewing teen sperm
into Jeff's mouth..
Jeff's spent cock stirred in his briefs as he felt
the cute paperboy's load fill his mouth. He rolled Donny's
jism over his tongue, then swallowed it.
"Agggggh!" Jeff gurgled. He released Donny's organ,
while Donny made for the corner of the pool and slumped
As Donny walked home, many emotions were runnimg
through his head. He had had gay sex - real gay sex, not
just "fooling around". He hot only got off on guys, but on
guys' underwear and Levis. Did this make him weird?
He had dinner with his parents and brother, then went
up to his room. The new Levis hadn't dried completely, so
he hung them up in his bathroom. His parents were going to a
party that night, so he and Todd would be alone. Maybe he
could ask his older brother about what had happened, though
he was afraid of how Todd would react.
Donny had showered and was underage japanese naked
lying across his bed in a
fresh pair of briefs when Todd opened the door.
"Here are your records Jim borrowed," Todd said. "He
told me to tell you thanks."
"Todd, can I talk to you a few minutes?"
"Sure, Donny, what's up?" Todd went over and sat down
on the edge of Donny's bed.
"You gotta promise to keep this confidential. I don't
want Mom and Dad ever to find out."
Todd looked at the brief-clad boy. "I don't tell them
anything you ever told me. You know that!"
Donny was a nervous. "Well, it has to do with sex."
Todd seemed undisturbed. "So . . . shoot!"
"Have you ever messed around. I mean with other guys?"
Todd hesitated. "Why are you asking me this?"
Donny paniced and changed the subject. He hopped off
the bed and went into the bathroom. He came out with the
jeans he'd got from Jeff.
"I just wanted to know."
Todd looked into his younger brother's eyes. "Yes, a
few times."
Donny reached out and stuck his open hand between Todd's
legs. He began to gently feel his brother off as he said,
"Todd, let's have sex."
Todd squirted a glob of teenaged boyjuice into his
underpants as he said, "Oh Donny, I'm so queer!" ---to be continued
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